PrimaSelect PLA filament-50gr-Neon Pink-1.75mm

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With PrimaSELECT PLA filament you will get an excellent and sustainable 3D printer filament. This PLA filament is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and free from unpleasant odours during 3D printing. Achieve top 3D printing results easily and reliably with excellent adhesion between the individual layers.

Material properties PrimaSELECT PLA:

  • Very easy to process PLA filament for your 3D printer – great colour choice!
  • Perfect 3D prints with minimal warping risks during additive manufacturing
  • Much tougher, top adhesion between layers for super strong parts


  • Material: PLA:
  • Density: 1.24 g/cm³
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Extruder/Nozzle temperature: 185-220 °C (recommended: 210 °C)
  • Bed temperature: 0-60 °C
  • Recommended processing speed: 30-80 mm/s
  • Melting temperature: 210 °C ±10˚C

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