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Enter the world of Robotics Engineering with the MeArm robot arm kit for Arduino in blue. An easy build kit for ages 11 & up, supplied with tools.


The MeArm Arduino Compatible Kit version is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that's designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. It's been expressly designed to be easy to build (age 11+) and use.

At its heart is the Arduino Compatible ESP 8266 WiFi board. This board is a low power board designed specifically for IoT applications that has an on-board Arduino IDE and WiFi. This means that you can create code in any Arduino compatible editor, drop it onto the board and get going straight away and with no additional boards required. Build 'n' Play!

The MeArm Arduino compatible version has been designed from the ground up to be easy to assemble. Children can build it themselves and we suspect adults may be able to build it unaided too. The only tool you'll need to build it is a hex key, and one is included in the box!

Power is supplied by the included Battery cage which requires 4 x AA Batteries, not included.

These kits require assembly.

Easy to build kit suitable for children aged 11 and above.
Code it with any Arduino compatible coding editor.
It comes with a Hex key, the only tool required for the build.
No addition boards are required. Once built, just power it up, drop some code on it and i9t's ready to go.
This kit also comes in an blue colour.
It's a lot of fun.


1 x Pack of blue plastic parts for the structure of the arm.

1 x Socket head screws for easy assembling.

1 x Hex key so you dont need your own tools.

4 x Metal gear servos.

1 x PCB for the microbit with on-board Joysticks (Already Assembled).



4 x AA Batteries for each pack


Build Instructions.

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