Esilk PLA Filament-1kg-Yellow-1.75mm

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As the latest product of eSUN, eSilk-pla is modified by adding materials with bright effect materials into PLA to make more shiny appearance. ESilk-PLA is similar to PLA filamentwith good mechanical properties and good toughness. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Compared with the traditional PLA , the silk high-gloss material has a bright, silky luster. 
Silk high-light PLA printing materials can be widely used in large curved surface models and practical products, such as furniture accessories, decoration, outdoor decoration and other fields.
Due to its good printing performance and excellent finished product appearance, the product received increasing attention in globle market once launched.


Suggested Temperatures
Best print temperature: 190~220℃
Base temperature: No Heat/(60-80)℃

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