Clever control street light

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Science and technology small production science model diy, understand and understand the basic electronic components, potentiometers, photoresistors, triode functions and functions, electronic starter kit.

Principle: This kit uses the different characteristics of the light and dark resistance of the photosensitive device to control the brightness and darkness of the lamp. When the light is very bright, the triode is equivalent to disconnection, and the small street lamp does not emit light; when the light is gradually darkened, the triode is gradually turned on, and the street lamp gradually lights up. We can observe that the darker the environment, the brighter the streetlights; conversely, the brighter the environment, the darker the streetlights until they are closed.

Works demonstration: During the day, the light-controlled street lamp feels that the ambient light is bright enough, so it is not bright; if the photosensitive resistor is covered by hand, the sensor light will automatically light up when it feels that the environment is dark.

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